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Chicago Escort Agency

How to Choose an Escort

Satisfying clients with an elite companion and unique women are always priority, not offered to simply anybody. High-class genuine escorts are hard to find, especially in a large city like Chicago where many girls and agencies like to “Photoshop” their looks or run a “bait-&-switch”.  If you are trying to find a high-class confidential escort that will take care of your every need, then you have come to the right place. Give Ellie Evans a call today to schedule a time for your personal rendezvous and experience.

How to Find High Class Escorts in the Chicago area:

1. Look online for elite escorts in your area using your favorite search engine. (eg high class companions Chicago, Elite escort in the Chicago area, young female companions near me, Beautiful women for date in Chicago, etc.).

2. Take a look at all the galleries, and also see which girls appear interesting to you. Are you searching for a brunette?  A blonde?  Light skin or dark skin? Check out her online biography to see her age, height, as well as other aspects you might be seeking. You can then make a list of girls to contact, as not all of them will respond immediately.

3. Get in touch with the escort agency in question (either by phone or email, as you prefer), and they will answer you as quickly as they are able. If you need somebody in a very short notice, it’s best to call or text. If you have time to plan in advance, you can email to schedule a specific time or place.

4. Be courteous and also explain to the escorting agency what kind of female companion you would love to meet. Always behave in a very respectful fashion and be a gentleman at all times if you expect them to send you a top-tier companion. Every agency will certainly have its own standards, demographic, and cost/price in which it caters to. Simply find one that suits your budget and your own personal taste. Some people favor a more casual meeting, while some like a higher class.

5. When you have chosen which high class escort you want to fulfill, allow the business know you would like to satisfy her. They will allow you know what their treatments are. Some agencies like you to pay up front, some prefer a down payment first, and some have higher degree agencies do not like to accept payment over the phone. Once you clear up their fee and the firm will prepare the meeting on the day you are wanting.

6. At the time of the expected date, depending upon what type of companion you booked, prepare yourself. Constantly be hygienic, freshly bathed and also groomed as you would for any day. Do dress like you’re going to a big work meeting or a fancy occasion. Make an initiative, as she will certainly be more than happy to provide for you. If you have actually scheduled an upscale dinner date, make sure you have actually asked for her choices and the kind of food she enjoys, as well as booked a lovely restaurant. Be readily available on your phone or e-mail, so the firm can let you be aware when the model escort is approaching. Greet her politely and respectfully, like any typical date you would be on.

7. Talk with the girl as a person, be a gentleman, as if she would like a drink. Act with her like any kind of other woman you would welcome to have dinner or drinks to be with you. Be cool and calm. Do not worry. She will set the pace for you to have an enjoyable evening. If you’re going to supper, have a beverage initially to break the ice as well as be familiar with each other.

8. Permit the escort to set the speed of the evening, and follow her lead. Enjoy your time with each other as you both wish, offer her a clean fresh shower in which to freshen up anytime she desires, and bid her a warm farewell when she is leaving. Whether she stays to enjoy your company, or you chat as well as laugh all evening til breakfast, be a mindful host, and don’t forget to tip where appropriate!

Enjoy your evening in the wonderful city of Chicago, Illinois.



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